Joint Local Statement of the EU, with its Member States and the USA

The European Union Delegation, the Chiefs of the Diplomatic Missions of Member States, and the Chief of the Diplomatic Mission of the United States of America in the Replublic of Congo make the following statement:

The chiefs of diplomatic missions support the African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance in all its provisions. Every democratic process should take place in the context of peaceful freedom of expression and association, as illustrated by the peaceful assembly on September 27 in Brazzaville.

We call to mind the recommendations made by international observers during previous votes in the Republic of Congo. It is up to the Congo to base the upcoming votes on solid foundations in order to create a climate of confidence that is conducive to the participation of all paties. We appeal to all political actors, parties, and associations to work assiduously and in good faith to create the conditions for wide and peaceful participation of the voters, which depends, among other things, on their registration on the electoral lists.

The chiefs of diplomatic missions continue to follow closely the evolution of the political situation in the Republic of Congo.