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Interview Waiver Program
February 9, 2023

You may be eligible to renew your visa without having to schedule an interview appointment! If you meet the following criteria, you may drop off your documents at U.S. Embassy during our normal document pass-back hours Wednesday 1400-1500 and Friday 1000-1100. The Consular Section will determine if you are eligible and, if so, will then provide additional instructions. Those that attempt to use this program, but who are subsequently deemed ineligible, will be required to retrieve all submitted documents and then make an appointment online per the standard instructions.

  1. Are you applying for a tourism/business (B1, B2) or student/exchange (F, M, or J) visa?
  2. Do you have an existing visa in that same category that expired no more than 48 months ago?
  3. Did your most recent visa application result in an approval? It is ok if you have been denied in the past, as long as the most recent application was approved.
  4. Are you a resident of The Republic of Congo – for example, do you have a Republic of Congo passport, resident card, or was your last visa interview at U.S. Embassy Brazzaville?
  5. If you are a student/exchange (F, M, or J) visa applicant:
    1. Do you have an active SEVIS?
    2. Are you returning to the same school or program?
    3. Do you have an I-20 signed by the school in the last 12 months?
  6. Have you had your fingerprints collected previously at U.S. Embassy Brazzaville?

If the answer to all of these questions is yes, you may be eligible to apply for a visa at U.S. Embassy Brazzaville without an appointment. Bring to the U.S. Embassy during normal pass-back hours Wednesday 1400-1500 and Friday 1000-1100 your most recent passport, DS-160 application confirmation, and (for F, M, or J applicants) SEVIS confirmation and signed I-20. The Consular Section will determine if you are eligible and will then provide additional instructions. Contact BrazzavilleConsular@state.gov for any questions.