The Ins and Outs of the 2016 American Elections

Political scientist and American University of Paris Professor Steven Ekovich met representatives and players from nearly 30 Congolese political parties at the U.S. embassy September 24 – 28.  Covering the whole spectrum of ideological and political creeds, 100 party activists were invited to join Ekovich for a look at the 2016 American Elections from different perspectives – media strategies, youth outreach, campaign planning, and NGO engagement. Over the course of three days, Professor Ekovich showed his Congolese audiences what their American counterparts are doing right now in 2015 to promote their candidates among potential voters and win next year’s presidential and legislative elections.

Though many of the practical tips and advice Ekovich shared were tailored to meet the different interests of his interlocutors, there were a few “What makes a successful candidate/politician?” pointers that he gave in every session.  Citizens must never be denied their dignity; be honest in dealing with the public; convince people you are sincere, and they will give you their trust and votes.  Based on the response from his savvy political audience, the professor’s pointers would win an election for a candidate here as well.