Governments of the U.S. and Congo reinforce their bilateral relationship, and train a second Congolese battalion for a peacekeeping mission in the Cen

Ambassador Sullivan and Defense Minister Charles Richard Mondjo awarding ACOTA end-of-training certificates to participants

On Friday, July 15, 2016, the Embassy of the United States and Congolese government took part in the presentation of diplomas to the second contingent of Congolese peacekeepers who completed a two-month  course presented through Africa Contingency and Operations Training Assistance (ACOTA).  In her remarks, the Ambassador of the United States, Stephanie Sullivan, emphasized that the course included a section that covered international humanitarian law, human rights, and gender rights.  That section enabled all the participants to understand the rules they must abide by during situations of armed conflict and internal violence, and reinforced the key role of peacekeepers, which is to protect civilians.  During his remarks, the Minister of Defense Charles Richard Mondjo also made special note of the importance of protecting civilians during peacekeeping operations, and pledged a policy of “zero tolerance” of any human rights abuses.