The US Ambassador’s Special Self-Help Program

The U.S Ambassador’s Special Self-Help Program assists community-based, community-run projects in the local communities of the Republic of Congo. The goal of the Self-Help Program is to improve the basic economic and social conditions of the village or community and should benefit the greatest number of people possible.

The project initiative should come primarily from community action, but it can be sponsored and assisted by institutions, associations, goverment, or other sources outside the community.Projects must involve a self-help contribution of labor, material, and/or money freely given by members of the local community.The community must de able to operate and maintain the project over its intended life.

The U.S Goverment support must be a one-time-only contribution.Projects must be completed within one year.Preference will be given to organizations which have established relationships with the private sector, NGOs or goverment bodies and demonstrate sustainability and a clear way at an average of US6,800 with a one-year implementation period.

Applicants will be asseded on standard criteria that include, but are not limited to, feasibility of proposed project, sound financial and management controls, a level of sustainability, and appropriate community ties.

Those who wish to  apply for the Ambassador’s Self-Help  funds should complete the form SF 424 (PDF 264KB) and send it to