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Ambassador Eugene Young’s Remarks for Grants Signing Ceremony
November 30, 2023

Ambassador Eugene Young’s Remarks

Grants Signing Ceremony

November 20, 2023


I welcome you to the Embassy of the United States of America for the signing ceremony of contracts for

the Ambassador’s Self-Help Fund grant and our Public Diplomacy Section’s “Small Grant Program”.  These grants are some of the most visible aid programs in Africa.  It allows the American people to participate in the development of communities around the world and to provide effective, life-saving assistance to small community projects with an immediate and direct impact on the beneficiary populations.


The objectives of the fund are to:

  • To improve the basic socio-economic conditions of local communities.
  • To support activities that benefit many people in the community and are easy to implement.
  • To generate, to the extent possible, income incommunities and have self-sustaining activities; and
  • To encourage significant involvement of local populations in the management and the implementation of their projects.


In Congo, the U.S. Embassy spares no effort to ensure that Congolese NGOs benefit from these funds.  For this year, I am pleased to announce that $40,000 will got to eight Congolese NGOs as part of the Self-Help Fund program.

Additionally, the Embassy is also donating $52,359 dollars to eight other NGOs and individuals as part of our Public Diplomacy Section’s Small Grant Program.

This makes a total of $ 92,359 the U.S. Embassy is granting out to NGOs and individuals this year.

These projects cover various areas of development ranging from agriculture to advocacy against gender-based violence to livestock and training.

These projects will benefit several thousand people from all social strata and classes and will have a positive impact and gradually on the life of a significant part of the Congolese population.

Dear beneficiaries,

I would like to congratulate you for your efforts to improve the lives of your compatriots in your communities through the projects funded by the American people.

These grants are an open door for more collaboration between your communities and the American people.

You have a heavy responsibility to carry out these projects and to monitor their impact on your communities.  Of course, with our support.

To SAla eLOngo Po Na Ba MBOka Na BIso eKEnde liBOso (Let’s continue to work together to advance our countries)

Once again, congratulations.

Long live the cooperation between the United States of America and the Republic of Congo!

Thank you.