Ambassador Eugene Young donates books at the Pierre Savorgnan de_Brazza Memorial to support youth education in Congo

Ambassador Eugene Young’s Remarks at the de Brazza Memorial books donation 

February 7, 2023

I am happy to be here with you today at this book donation for the newly established American Shelf library at the de Brazza Memorial.  These books are a gift from the U.S. Embassy and the American people to give Congolese youth access to the ideas, stories, and inspiration they can find in them. Bo salela yango malamu. In fact, today we are officially establishing the American shelf here at this library as a symbol of our partnership.

I firmly believe that education is at the root of progress, here in Congo and all over the world.  Curiosity about the world and a love of reading are things that we must nourish in our children.  Education is tied to economic progress and an improved quality of life for everyone.   One of our main goals at U.S. Embassy Brazzaville is to help provide the Congolese young people with the tools they need to succeed.  Today, we are doing just that with the creation of this public library.

It is essential to keep the youth of Congo engaged in intellectual growth through reading, so that they can grow up to be educated citizens who will contribute to the positive development of their country.  Curious children become educated young adults who can change the world for the better. It is for this reason that the U.S. Embassy will continue to support libraries and educational initiatives here in Congo, particularly as related to the English language and the democratic ideals that we share.

To conclude, I would like to ask you to applaud for our partner Mrs Belinda Ayessa and the Memorial for this initiative.  Through collaboration, our efforts on education can have a larger impact. As Ambassador of the U.S. in Congo, I am proud to help contribute to the education of Congo’s youth.  They are the future of this country and our world.  To the youth of Congo, I would like to say- please come, use this library, read these books, and learn something new.  Books can change the world- and you can, too.

Thank you!